78 Series Luna Cloud-based IP Network Public Address & Intercom System

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Using linux operation system, leading pa technology


78 Series Luna Cloud-based Public Address System Solution


System Features

Cloud-based Architecture: 3 mode is optional.

1. 1 server mode/main and backup server mode: support up to 10,000 terminal and 2,500  real-time task.

2. P2P server mode: support up to 300,000 terminal and 150,000 real-time task.

3. Converge mode: support up to 1,000,000 terminal and 500,000 real-time task.

4. Wireless Technique Air Play: Luna cloud-based system is integrated with Air Play; every device with the function of Air Play like mobile phone and pad could be connected to the system conveniently; Air Play is with lots of advantage, such as multiple terminal playing the same program, music information display, etc.

5. Latest Communication Technique with Super High Confidentiality; the system uses communication protocol lpallocator which has independent intellectual property rights and is based on SIP; the protocol support security encryption communication protocol SSL so that our system could be applied to intercom system of government and enterprise.

6. SM Public Address: the system server communicates with mobile phone via SM module; when emergency happens, the server would send SM to the designated mobile phone; and the mobile phone could do SM public address also.

7. Mange via WIFI: administrator could manage the whole system via the mobile phone with our official APP; administrator is able to call any program to 1 or multiple terminal, to control the playing state remotely.

8. Offline Public Address: using the terminal or backup terminal with the function of offline playback to ensure playing background music normally even in offline: the terminal is built in large storage and timer chip to achieve offline playback.

Industrial Level System Server    T-7800A



1. Luna cloud-based system server is in rack mounted design.

2. The case is in the material of stainless steel and it’s with the capacity of antimagnetic, shock proof, and dustproof.

3. It uses SSD so that it has the durability and the reliability, for it’s without active mechanical parts.

4. It’s with 17.3” user-friendly touch-screen.

5. The server uses embedded operation system in LAN or WAN (Cross segment and cross routing)

6. 1 server as the simplest system structure could manage up to 1000 terminals and 500 real-time tasks.

7. Luna cloud-based server is the core device for on-demand service of audio streaming, full duplex intercom, internal communication scheduling, tape storage, processing task plan, terminal management, authority management, etc.

8. It’s to manage media library and furnish service for scheduled playing and real time on-demand plying of all terminals.

9. In response to the request of all network adapter and to provide data interface for all audio station.


IP Network Paging Console

Desktop Intercom Paging Microphone


Embedded software: microphone call control embedded software V1.32


IP Network Audio Terminal


Wall Mounted Terminal with Screen and Amplifier


IP Network Intercom Terminal

T-7803 T-7803E

Alarm, Emergency Intercom Terminal


IP Network Audio Class-D Amplifier

T-7860 T-78120 T-78240 T-78350 T-78500

Rack-mount IP Network Audio Terminal


Rack-mount IP Network Audio Terminal



IP Network Fire Alarm Interface



IP Network Active Speaker



IP Network Paging Console



IP Active Column Speaker

T-7881 T-7882 T-7883 T-7884

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