VA-6200 ​Voice Evacuation Alarm System

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Product Overview

VA-6200 is a system designed for emergency broadcast and voice playback requirements, complying with EN54-16 standard. The system provides

multi-machine cascade function, and is composed of VA-6200MA host, VA-6200MS expansion host and VA-6200RM remote paging microphone. The maximum

paging microphone quantity can be cascaded 19 VA-6200MS, extended to 160 partition 320 loop (A + B), up to 32 VA-6200RM remote paging microphones can

be configured.

VA-6200 system uses advanced power distribution. All partitions share a 500W power amplifier, which can reduce the cost of each partition configuration, very suitable for multi-partition low-power occasions. The system has power amplifier detection and automatic backup function.

VA-6200 fire emergency broadcast system with high investment efficiency of the modular MPU control, while supporting multi-line fire alarm controller linkage, the interface problem between different systems no longer exist; with independent research and development of the system fault automatic diagnosis technology, the speaker Line automatic detection technology, making the system running more secure, stable and reliable, and significantly reduce the pre-procurement cycle and future maintenance costs.

VA-6200 alarm system adopts a full modular design, modern technology, after long-term industry experience and system stability and stability of the test to ensure its stability. The system can play the local background music without fire disaster, once the fire alarm immediately into the fire alarm for the state, the system is powerful, simple, user-friendly. Widely used in financial centers, star hotels, office buildings, and commercial center, also applies to petrochemical, power, metallurgy, steel and other industrial areas.

Product Features

Designed According to EN54-16 standard

It conforms to European EN54-16 Fire Broadcasting Specification.

Integrating Emergency Broadcast and Voice Broadcast

Integrated voice programmable broadcast, voice evacuation and other functions; simple operation, flexible configuration.

Simple System Equipment Connection

Only one Cat5 cable between system equipment, you can achieve control and audio transmission, support hand in hand. Wiring is simple and convenient that you do not need to switch network, which helps reducing system cost.

Each Partition Of the System Is Designed with A + B Double Loop

System partition adopts A, B dual-loop design, even if the partition of any circuit failure, the partition can still work properly to ensure the stability of the system work and reliability.

System Can Connect 32 Remote Microphones

VA-6200RM adopts CAN bus communication, the use of CAN bus multi-master advantage, making multiple VA-6200RM online use, the user's operation can be timely host response.

System Supports Fire PTT Emergency Paging Recording Function

Fire mode, the system host PTT paging automatic recording, without human operation, generate a recording file automatically saved on the host SD card, user-friendly access.

Real-time Monitoring of Operating Status, Fault and Emergency Records ≤ 6000

System equipment status real-time detection, automatic fault diagnosis, record the fault status (≤ 6000).

Simple and Intuitive User Interface, A Key to Call, It Upgrades the User Experience

VA-6200MA system controller adopts one-button emergency call. It improves the speed of response in an emergency situation more effectively and sure no risk at all.

Flexible Zones / Group Paging Operation

VA-6200RM remote microphone can distribute the system zones, zones emergency paging, real-time synchronize the corresponding controller zones circuit status; through the PC software to configure the required group associate with any zones.

Efficient and Environmental Class D Amplifier

The CLASS-D series of power amplifiers developed with a professional audio concept offers high energy conversion efficiency, consuming less energy compared with the conventional amplifiers at the same output power.

Product Functions

Controller Multi-source Input

The system controller supports 2-channel emergency audio input, 2-channel emergency microphone input, 4-channel line input, 1 PTT emergency broadcast, 1 remote microphone input. All input audio sources can be output to the specified zones via the PC software settings, or by the front panel zones selection.

System Support Zones A, B Loop Circuit State Detection

The system controller has zones A, B loop circuit status detection, upload, record, can help users to discover the system circuit problems. Detect accuracy can be configured, and the mode can be selected.

Remote Broadcast and Input Mode

VA-6200RM supports remote paging, a key call, a key reset, the line input mode can be selected, the address code can be viewed, and the controller can be set to connect the location of application functions. The system supports up to 32 remote paging microphones, transmission distance≤1 km.

Support Recording Function

System controller support fire mode, PTT emergency paging automatic recording function.

A Variety of Programmable Voice Alarm Mode

System alarm trigger input can be configured for the all zones alarm, specify the zone alarm, set up conveniently.

Amplifier Backup

VA-6000 system host has a power amplifier backup function to ensure that the main amplifier failure, the backup power amplifier automatically replace to ensure that the system can work properly.

Two Kinds of Volume Control Relay Way

It provides three-wire and four-wire system, two kinds of volume control relay way to meet the different places volume control relay demand, product application more flexible.

Real-time Monitoring of Peripheral Functions

System equipment with power supply, working status, fault indication and other real status indicator, the user can intuitively, quickly observe the operation of the equipment.

Real-time Status Output

The system controller has fault and working status output interface, Controller cascade third party equipment, real-time submit system running state.

One Key Page, One Key to Reset

The system controller has a panel emergency call microphone and a one-button reset function improve the speed of response in an emergency situation more effectively and no risk at all.

User-friendly Design, Support Offline Work

User-friendly design to enhance the sensory enjoyment, but also save more installation space, reduce installation and wiring costs,  supporting multi-language PC software interface control, the system controller can independently work without the PC software after configuration.

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