Automatic recording & broadcasting system

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System Introduction

Automatic recording and broadcasting system with automatic image recognition and tracking technology, support 3 cameras responsible for teacher panorama, teacher close-up, student panorama, such as target tracking shooting, automatic image recognition tracking embedded in the broadcast host, no additional tracking host and analysis of the camera, using three-dimensional high-definition image analysis technology + Target Contour Feature detection method + Facial feature detection method of the most advanced tracking algorithm, tracking accuracy of more than 90%, the architecture is simpler, superior performance, higher stability, tracking more accurate.


1. Automatic three-seat high-definition camera to achieve the teacher close-up, teacher panorama, students close-up shot.

2. A variety of shooting effects, support film mode and multi-screen mode shooting.

3. Record HD 1080P video, the video format is Standard MP4.

4. High Fidelity audio acquisition, with audio noise reduction, echo cancellation, feedback suppression, the elimination of noise and other audio processing.

5. Automatic uploading platform to meet the function of online broadcast, after class on demand

6. Simple operation, one key record class, one key stop, one key screen switch.

7. Automatically record by course without human intervention.