67 Series IP Intercom System

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Product List

1) T-6702A IP Paging Console

2) T-6733A Waterproof IP Intercom Panel with Camera

3) T-6732A Waterproof IP Intercom Panel

4) T-6703E Indoor IP Intercom Panel

5) T-902P Outdoor Column Speaker


1) Integration of Public Address System and Intercom System

At usual, it could play backgroud music and it supports the function that different terminals play different music or program.

2) Various communication modes

It support full duplex communication, conference mode and command mode (no communication between sub terminals; and they just could communicate with the main terminal).

3) Various terminal models

1-key terminal, 2-key terminal, terminal with dials, industrial level terminal and terminal with camera

4) Call transfer

Due to various reasons, the called terminal could not answer, the call would switch to another designated terminal automatically.

5) Terminal priority

Terminal with higher priority could enter communication with lower priority forcibly. And the administrator could cancel any communication forcibly.

6) Simple installation and excellent expandability

Using common IP network to build up the system; no limit to the quantity of terminals