Congratulations! ITC was Adwarded“ADVANCED ENTERPRISE”

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Congratulations! ITC was Awarded “ADVANCED ENTERPRISE” in Wuhan Construction Industry to Fight Against the Pandemic


Recently, the Wuhan Construction Association [2020] Document No. 20 released “On the Decision Recognizing “Benchmark Enterprise” and “Advanced Enterprise” in Wuhan Construction Industry to Fight Against the Pandemic”. ITC has braved responsibility and acted in an opposite direction to fight ,actively fulfilled the social duty and outstanding performance. It was rated as “Wuhan Construction Advanced Enterprise in Fighting the Epidemic”


Wuhan Construction Industry Association Documents

Wu Jianxie 【2020】 No. 20

On the Decision Recognizing “Benchmark Enterprise” and “Advanced Enterprise” in Wuhan Construction Industry to Fight Against the Pandemic

Member Units:

Before the Chinese Spring Festival ,new coronaviruse attacked JiangCheng, and Wuhan entered a "Wartime State", becoming the main battlefield against the pandemic. The epidemic is an order, and prevented-control is a responsibility. Faced with the sudden test of life and death, Wuhan architects taking actively duty, fighting bravely and actively, racing against with the death and fighting against with the virus, fighting for victory, rushing to build Mobile Cabin Hospital, and donating money and supplies, giving warm and love to people, helping the community prevented-control. This is a heroic epic with touched and moved.

In order to establish a example and commend the advanced, according to the suggestion of the Secretariat, through the chairman of the association office to study, it was decided to commend companies those  in fighting the pandemic, including 27 “Benchmark Enterprise” and 157  “Advanced Enterprise” of companies which are subordinated to  China Construction Third Bureau First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and Chuan Construction Group.(This list is attached. For the deeds, pls refer to the special issue of “Wuhan Construction Industry Heroic Battle” in Issue 2-3 of 2020 in “Wuhan Construction Industry”.)

We hope those commended companies who will make persistent efforts and move forward courageously, strive to grab prevented-control of the pandemic and win to return to work and regain productivity.

We hope all of the member units, who keep going to study and catch up to the advanced technology, who vigorously promote the spirit of protest and jointly write a bright tomorrow for the Wuhan Construction Industry.


Certificate of Honor

Guangzhou BaoLun Electronics Co., Ltd

Is rated as “Advanced Enterprise” of Wuhan Construction Industry in fighting new coronavirus pandemic.

14th April, 2020

Take responsibility in front of the epidemic

The harder the more forward

ITC actively responds to the call of superiors

Courage to take on duties and difficulties at a critical moment

The company is committed to practical action

Help the country to win the pandemic prevention and control battle!

Caring for our home country and fighting the pandemic are the inevitable responsibilities of ITC.

Since the outbreak of the New Coronavirus, ITC has actively taken responsibility. First, the board of directors donated 300,000 yuan for the first time to support the smooth progress of the anti-epidemic work; Afterwards, the employees of the Hubei office spontaneously prepared medical materials to support the anti-pandemic line. Caring for the family-country, ITC assuming social responsibility as much as possible.

ITC helps to fight the pandemic, fully participates in the broadcast of anti-epidemic emergency hospitals, remote video consultations, and the construction of various anti-disease command centers, rural emergency and epidemic prevention "Extending Radio and TV Broadcasting Coverage to Every Village Project" broadcasts, etc. This missions provide a good strong support for preparing to fight the pandemic.


ITC hospital broadcasting system helps Chinese first permanent structure emergency hospital to to complete acceptance

If there is a difficulty on one side, support from all directions, we will help each other and fight against the epidemic together! ITC will make persistent efforts, move forward courageously, and strive to help national government enterprises, schools, etc. to achieve safe resumption of work, resumption of production, and resumption of school and to jointly write a bright and vibrant tomorrow for the country.