【ITC one-stop Solution】Intelligent Command Center

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Not long ago, the construction of an intelligent command center in Shanxi Province was completed. The audio and video solution integrating ITC digital conference system, distributed integrated management platform, recording and broadcasting system and professional sound system was passed the acceptance, moreover, which has played an important role during the epidemic prevention and control work.

The leaders highly praised for the short implementation time, heavy task, good guarantee and high level.


The intelligent command center can unify the government management service items into the commanding and scheduling system, so as to promote the scientific decision-making and high efficient service, the most effective support behind it is the construction of distributed integrated management platform.


The restriction of information isolated island and spatial region was broken and the interconnectivity of information was realized.

ITC distributed integrated management platform, the distributed architecture and one set of network integrate three sets of systems to one platform. It has the functions of event allocation and emergency response linkage, which has gathered all kinds of data and systems in the whole county to realize the interconnectivity, so as to provide the data support for the grass-roots level and provide the auxiliary reference for the leaders to make decisions.


The recording and broadcasting system realizes the onsite recording of the screen, sound + multimedia data for the training courses, the major conferences, the teleconference conferences and press conferences, as well as provide the remote online live broadcasts and the online on-demand functions.


The solution of the intelligent command center is widely used in government organization, public security bureau, procuratorate, Internet, hospital, education and other industries to enable the decision-making command to see clearly, hear well, call directly, obtain information exactly, respond quickly for ensuring the high efficiency of all the work.